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WINGS is a tuition reimbursement program.  Grantees must pay for courses upfront, and, upon completion of the course, they may apply for reimburesement through MyExpense.  We can only remiburse the employee who was granted the WINGS award.  We cannot reimburse departments or other individuals.


When an applicant is sent their award letter which informs them of the size of their WINGS grant, they will also receive the "WINGS/MyExpense Reimbursement Guide", which will provide an exhaustively complete set of instructions as to how to submit their request for reimbursement in MyExpense.


WINGS grant award winners must still submit their request for reimbursement within 45 days of completing their course. Otherwise, we will assume that you have not taken the approved course and therefore your grant will be forfeited.


Also, the four documents described below must also be included in the MyExpense reimbursement request.

  • Copy of the original WINGS grant award application that is linked to your personal portal page
  • Proof of course enrollment and successful course completion, C or better, if applicable (i.e., grade report, certificate of completion, etc.)
  • Proof that course payment was made directly by the applicant (i.e., tuition receipt, school financial statement, paid invoice showing applicant paid course fees, etc.)
  • A brief statement describing what you learned from the course(s) and how you will apply what you have learned to your career at the University.

NOTE: You must still be an eligible employee (defined above) at the time reimbursement is made.