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For what kind of courses will grants be given?

WINGS provides tuition assistance for “career-related programs.” Career–related programs are those that prepare an employee for additional assignments or positions within the University. Examples include:

  • Degree or certificate-granting programs in such fields as management, finance or biotechnology.
  • Workshops or seminars in areas such as management, human resources or organizational development.
  • Conferences focusing on the latest updates or advances in technology or therapies for employees working in a related field.

Awards will be granted to all successful applicants for one course before any applicant will receive a grant for a second course. No more than 2 courses will be funded in a single quarter. Also, these funds are meant to support actual courses and cannot be used in support of thesis activities or practicums.

WINGS will NOT provide more than one grant for the same course, and will also not provide assistance for entrance exams or related test preparation such as the MCAT, GRE, etc., or professional licensure programs or costs.